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Welcome to the official website of the El Paso Volleyball Officials Association (EPVOA). El Paso Volleyball Officials Association Chapter is made up of over 100 plus members. We are a proud member of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) which is the governing body for all high schools extracurricular activities in the state of Texas and the organization is dedicated to providing quality and certified officials for High School, Middle School, and Parochial Schools. The main coverage area for El Paso Chapter is a 125-miles radius. THE CHALLENGE of officiating can provide some great personal rewards. As an official you must take instantaneous decisions, resolve conflicts and deal with stress pressure. You are in a position to be a positive role model around children and young adults.

Most officials start at the youth and recreational program level. As you improve your skills and gain confidence you'll begin to ascend the ladder and work middle school and high school level games. Only after many years of hard work and selfless dedication might an official reach that pinnacle. Volleyball officials must be able to bring control to chaos; understand fairness; promote safety and encourage good sportsmanship. A volleyball official must have the positive characteristics of a police officer, lawyer, judge, accountant, reporter, athlete and diplomat. A good volleyball official is also someone who can be put on the position of authority and handle the responsibility without being overbearing. As a volleyball official, you're in charge, but it's the player who the fans have come to watch, not you.


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